EAP Constitution


Adopted on 31st January 2007

Amended March 2018

A Name

The name of the association is Ealing Allotments Partnership ("the Partnership").

B Administration

Subject to the matters set out below, the Partnership and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this constitution by the members of the Executive Committee.

C Objectives

The Partnership's objects ("the Objects") are:

D Behaviour

The Partnership shall be non-party political and non-partisan.

E Powers

In furtherance of the Objects but not otherwise the Executive Committee may exercise the following powers:

F Membership

G Honorary Officers

At the Annual General Meeting of the Partnership the members shall elect from amongst themselves a chair, a secretary and a treasurer, who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting.

H Executive Committee

I Determination of Membership of Executive Committee

A member of the Executive Committee shall cease to hold office if he or she:

J Executive Committee Members not to be Personally Interested

K Meetings and Proceedings of the Executive Committee

L Receipts and Expenditure

M Property

N Accounts

The Executive Committee shall:

O Annual General Meeting

P Special General Meetings

The Executive Committee may call a special general meeting of the Partnership at any time. If at least ten members request such a meeting in writing stating the business to be considered the Secretary shall call such a meeting. At least 21 days' notice must be given. The notice must state the business to be discussed.

Q Procedure at General Meetings

R Notices

Any notice required to be served on any member of the Partnership shall be in writing and shall be served by the secretary or the Executive Committee on any member either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to such member at his or her last know address in the United Kingdom, and any letter so sent shall be deemed to have been received within 10 days of posting.

S Alterations to the Constitution

The Constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds