Site Management

Site Management in Ealing

There are 36 active council allotment sites in the Borough of Ealing,  four sites owned and run by various charities, four sites on private land managed by Acton Gardening Association and one site, Pitshanger, leased from the council and is wholly self-managed. 

Eight of the council sites, Ascott, Brentham, Blondin, High Lane, the Horsenden sites (Whitton Place, Whitton Drive and Horsenden) and South Acton operate under a Local Management scheme which involves responsibility for the day-to-day management of the site, small repairs and rent collection with the Council retaining responsibility for the maintenance of the basic site infrastructure.

The remainder of the council sites are directly managed by the council with the aid of volunteer council-appointed site managers.

Colony software provides the council and site managers tools for management of allotment sites, tenants, plots, waiting lists and rent.

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