Keep up to date with activities of local allotment associations by viewing the websites and newsletters.

There are a number of Local Allotment Associations (LAA) in Ealing some of which have websites and/or on-line newsletters. The associations we know about are listed below together with their home allotment sites. Click on the name of the association to access their contact details. This will usually be in the form of a link to their website or to a copy of their latest known newsletter.

To access a full list of known LAA website addresses click on websites.

Local AssociationSite(s)
Acton Gardening Association Perryn, Chesnuts, Goldsmiths, The Vale
Blondin Allotments Association Blondin
Brentham Allotments and Gardens Society Brentham
Ealing and Hanwell Allotment Association Ascott, Haslemere
Ealing Dean Allotment Society Northfields
Ealing Transition Community Garden Village Park
Framfield Allotments Association Framfield
Friends of Ascott Ascott
Horsenden Allotment Association Whitton Place, Whitton Drive, Horsenden
Oldfield Allotments and Gardens Association Oldfield
Pitshanger Allotments Conservation Association Pitshanger
South Acton Allotment Growers Society South Acton
Southall Horticultural Society Bixley Fields, Dormer Wells